For weddings.

We had 3 weddings here in 2009, each in a different location, a smaller tent on the lawn, a bigger tent in the field, each reflecting the style and budget of the betrothed. The locations were all well and good but it has always struck me that if we could fit a floored, 100 x 40 ft marquee where the Henhouse stage for the Insider was that would make the ideal location. We have already done beautiful things with lighting the oak trees behind, we know where the loos and generator go, plus there is already a bar and barbeque shack there. An added bonus in flattening the field is that everyone would look less tottering drunk come festival time.

So another day another barter and Marcus MacBean from the local smithy was round with one if his collection of ancient catterpillars. There are already 3 weddings booked in for next year, none of which are lined up for this spot. Next step – lots and lots of grass seed.

If you want a wedding here our facility fee starts at £1000, you have to rent the main house as well (so make a holiday of it and get the family to contribute) but I know everyone you need to make it happen.

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