Getting out there.

I have three sets of thank yous for last week. The first is to our cousin Philip (second from left) and his 11 year old Patrick (right) for coming to stay for the first time in 30 years and giving me an excuse to down tools, pick up the phone and go out to try some of the activities available locally.

First up was G2s new zip park over on Alvie. Since they put in the brilliant zip line at the Insider I have been itching to give this a shot. They have installed 7 zip lines of increasing height, length and speed slicing to and fro over a river gorge up in the forest. You get the confidence up on the first few so by the last ones, which are seriously impressive, you can glide through the view and take it all in. It’s 25 quid for a session, suitable for all ages and I will put some pictures up when I get some so you get a better idea.

Round 2 was river tubing with Full On Adventure. I have been white water rafting with Full On John but this is a relatively new one. Its rafting for one, seated in a rubber ring, suited, booted, helmeted up and pointed off down the river. The Feshie was on the powerful side for an all ages group so we took to the Druie instead. Being in a ring you can navigate relatively shallow water, bounce yourself off the rocks (especially if you dont weigh much) and go down narrow rapids and flues. It’s obviously a lot colder and wetter and marginally riskier than the zip lines, its £39 for a session amounting to an hour and a half or so on the water and again, comes highly recommended.

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