Going it alone.

Last week we parted from an agency we have been with for the last year. As Sally Shalam said in her review in the Guardian, it is unusual to find a house that isn’t on with the big rental companies but we have an inkling that it suits us better to be off the books.

Now people have to contact us before they come here, exchange emails, perhaps explore this blog or these pictures and find something they like the look of. They probably have to look at our website, will probably find out that we have an excellent chef, that they can organise archery on the lawn, that the fishing is wild and all the better for that, or that there are sheds of old cars and weekends of workshops down in the farmyard.

This leaves us with listings on Sawdays and The Big Domain, both of whom give us a lovely write up and are better suited both to our character and our clientele. We might miss out on a few bookings but it leaves us more flexible with our prices and actually better able to cater to your needs.

Wish us luck.

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