Inshriach goes sustainable part III.

Today was the turn of Greenflame Technology to add their wisdom to our sustainable situation. It’s been a nervy weekend, I checked the tech on the boiler on Saturday and gave Richard from Greenflame a massive fright by finding out that our unit was 10cm wider than the cellar stairs. Further frantic internet searches and phone calls to the manufacturer and we reckoned we could strip enough off it to squeeze in, perhaps with as little as 2cm to spare. It still weighs well over half a ton even after stripping off anything shiny, delicate or electrical so we borrowed a block and tackle, ran a strap along the corridor and across the utility room, passed it out the window, tied it onto a forklift and then gingerly tipped the boiler down the stairs.

Once it hit the deck Richard and Phil set about figuring out which bits had come from where, Marcus MacBean the blacksmith came to weld extensions onto the old pipework and Graham the plumber and 2 guys knocked the necessary holes through the foundations of the house for the pellet feed. In the meantime anyone who was free helped me bolt the big silver space hopper together (the first delivery of pellets arrives tomorrow), mum made soup and sandwiches and by the end of today we seem to be bang on with what is certainly an ambitious schedule. At this rate the folks renting Inshriach this weekend will have hot baths.

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