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After 3 years Nicole is moving on from Inshriach so we are looking for someone to live here and give us a hand.

Inshriach is predominantly a hospitality business so there are a lot of changeovers. Every Monday between 10.30 and 2 we change over the big house then the 4 Canopy and Stars glamping spaces are pretty much fully occupied during the summer. Some weeks we need to change all 4 in a day then none the following day, other weeks may be two, then two, then two. Then from 4pm the guests arrive and it might take half an hour to show each one the ropes and drive them out in the land rover. Right now we are going into the quiet season so there may only be 3 or 4 changeovers per week. We all get involved with this and cover each other when necessary.

Those are the things we need but there are always things to be done, logs to chop, lawns to mow, lots of vegetable gardens to garden, fences to fix and sheep to help out with. There are always general maintenance and forestry jobs, building projects in the pipeline, cars and carpentry and we have lots of tools and workshops you can use for your own projects.

Plus you get to live in the Dogshed (despite its name it’s a tiny cottage with its own kitchen and we are going to add a compost loo). It probably adds up to a half – time job so there is plenty of time to do your own thing and we will give you some money every week and help out finding some extra earners wherever we can.

It is probably best suited to a couple who have their own transport, it could be a bit lonely for a single person, especially in the winter and we have a 5 month old baby who takes a lot of our attention, especially in the evenings. Aviemore is a fun and sociable place (4 miles away). Lizzy is more than happy – baby permitting – to take you up into the hills and show you about but we can also introduce you to plenty of folk with whom to go biking, walking, climbing, kayaking and adventuring.

Please get in touch if you’d like more details. We are looking for someone from mid-september. It is not long term, 3-6 months would be ideal for us. If you want to see what we get up to you can have a look at our flickr page.

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10 Responses to “Inshriach is recruiting”
  1. Caroline Williams

    I’d love to do this but am only available late November until the spring. Is it worth me applying? I could come and have a chat tomorrow as am having lunch at the potting shed. Caroline

    • Walter Micklethwait

      Its probably worth popping in to say hello but we are looking for someone to start sooner. However we my get a total bonehead who only lasts till November and that could work for you.

      • Caroline Williams

        🙂 Really hope that doesn’t happen but get in touch if it does. I’m afraid I’ve been and gone today now but Wooden Tom has met me, and would hopefully put in a good word! Good luck with finding the right person

  2. roxannesnyman

    Is there space for a family of three?

    • Walter Micklethwait

      not at the moment im afraid but thanks for the offer.

  3. Ryan Miller

    Would love to help out and available from September and up to 6 months. Been a while since I’ve been up to Inshriach, but know the area really well and always excited to see what is happening at the house/land.

    • Walter Micklethwait

      Hi Ryan, Good to hear from you. We had a load of interest and have settled on a couple who seem ideal for the job but if that changes I will let you know. All the best Walter

  4. Alex Penter

    I have a friend who I think could be perfect for this!! She has experience with glamping, yurts, holiday accommodation, farm work and hard graft! Would she be able to bring her puppy dogs with her? That’s all she’d need for company!

    • Walter Micklethwait

      hi alex, dogs are fine as long as they are nice and good with sheep, chickens, people etc. We are looking for a couple really, just because we are in the middle of nowhere and it can be pretty lonely without someone else around… put her in touch and we can see…

  5. Sarah Smout

    I did send this in an email yesterday, but posting this to be sure…

    We are a young couple and are very interested in this opportunity!
    We both come from rural upbringings, and are keen explorers too. I am a Yorkshire born writer and cellist, and Gregory is also a songwriter and recent phd graduate. We are looking for a temporary place to live where we can be as self- sustainable as possible and save money for our eventual self-build house. Somewhere where we can write, create and be hands on with help at the farm would be great. We both have plenty of skills to offer Inshriach 🙂
    Plus I have a love affair with Scotland.
    I would love to hear more details.
    My email is [email protected] and I’m more than happy to chat over the phone.
    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Sarah and Gregory

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