The Beer Moth.

Last week I conducted a Facebook poll on whether to choose a 1950s Commer lorry or another yurt and the result came out resoundingly in favour of the truck. The milweb classifieds threw up an ideal candidate and on Sunday afternoon I flew to Manston, on the North Kent coast. A deal was done and by 6 o clock I was crunching gears and annoying roadusers, foot to the boards at 40mph. First stop was The Dove on Broadway market for a New Year reunion, then a taxi run to Canary wharf and back to Bow, a round trip of 10 miles and a fuel bill of £20.

Monday saw wingman Ali and myself make it to Captain Bob in Derbyshire, covering a blistering 150 miles in 10 hours, trailing a comet tail of traffic all across the Peak District.

On Tuesday evening we reached Edinburgh, this time the Pennines and the A68 held our average at 20mph. On Wednesday afternoon the Beer Moth entered the Cairngorms and a mere 5 1/2 hours after leaving Edinburgh (average 25mph) she was parked up in Aviemore. 650 miles, £600 in fuel and 28 hours behind the wheel later.

Once I find somewhere for all the useful things we collected en route a new roof with windows is being made. A woodburner, fairy lights, lanterns, drinks cabinet and a double bed are going in. We will make a staircase, a front door and a back wall and we will run a massive raid on an army surplus shop to have her ready for April. Bookings will again be through Canopy and Stars unless you have an existing booking at Inshriach.

Watch this space as the Beer Moth settles in.

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