The Beermoth (aka the press-monster) strikes again.

Through the post this morning came two copies of Marie Claire Maison containing a feature that went together last year. The editor, Catherine Ardouin, travelled over specially from Paris with photographer Benedicte Ausset and they shot a full 6 page interiors feature on the Beermoth in what turned into an unusual meeting of French fashion, English machinery, and Highland scenery.

If anyone was wondering why we have been a bit quiet up here of late it is because we have had to get out heads round a financial restructure. The long and the short of it is that as of later this year it is going to cost us a great deal more to stay here and continue doing what we are doing. That means generating a load more business so if anyone is of a mind to take Inshriach House, or any of our more unusual holiday options, now would be a very good time to do it. We have hardly any availability on the main house until July but would very much appreciate the custom thereafter.

True to form however, the best ideas seem to be the most outlandish, and we have something really special up our sleeves. Later this week we ought to be able to announce perhaps the silliest (and therefore most pressworthy) project we have ever undertaken. And the full line up for the Insider Festival.

It’s brewing away in the background but now the sun is out it is all going to happen at once, and it needs to. Watch this space.

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