The Beermoth goes international.

A few months back Marie Clare Maison got in touch from Paris asking if they could come up to do an interiors feature on the Beermoth. Implausible as that my sound it happened this week, the photographer making her way from London, the editor all the way from Paris. The truck behaved, the weather behaved and we wait with fashionably baited breath for the results. An added bonus was that the Bothy Project (which they hadn’t seen in their research) was ideal for a small spaces feature that comes out in February and they went away with an iphone crammed with photos of the house for further inspiration.

Balancing out the Interior features with some holiday press, Red magazine were here to review the yurt on Monday and that spun itself out into another feature on the estate for the sustainable lifestyle magazine Sublime. In the meantime look out for the next edition of Jocks and Nerds magazine who swung by to take my portrait a month ago and until that comes out here is a review of the yurt from TNT magazine, and another little number on the truck, neither of which I had noticed coming out. My favourite in the burgeoning press folder is this elegantly constructed analysis of the of the truck from Architizer, if only I had I known I was breaking free from my structural and cultural fixities I might have put on a decent shirt.

And then it’s back to telly land. Of which more later.

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