The other bothy project.

There has been a years break on sorting out the other buildings at Inshriach. This one, known as the bothy has at various times been the estate laundry, the workshops, ski sheds and assorted gun and chimney brush cupboard, then it became a summer house, occasional music studio and a house again, by which point, externally at least, it was in a bit of a state. The back half of the building was painted with modern vinyl paint and on the front the limewash was worn thin in the places you wanted it thick and caked up in the mouldings and the details. Harry and I did a good go at taking the paint off the back half this time last year, at the same time removing all the smashed up gutters from this and the two adjoining sheds. The gutters got painted and now the rentals are quiet for the winter it’s time to get back on it and sand and scrape the rest of the building. I dont recommend sanding whole buildings, least of all ones with fiddly battens all over them, but after 4 days solid it’s finally making progress. The picture above shows the back half mid sand and the picture below is the front after the first coat of lime paint (a few more of those to come), and with some of the gutters finally back up.

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